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with 2014 nearing a close, looking back on things-- i've had a shaky year-- dealing with deaths, and what-not, but one thing that's kept me positive is my job. being a cook is awesome, and being a rookie to the business, after giving up the dreams of being a professional photographer, i've decided to hone in on my one true life skill, and that's cooking.

heading in to 2015, still a rookie to the game, i'm eager to learn more, and i guess my resolution for the new year would be to keep my head up and keep grinding

swig o' beer for the workin man and women out there!
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first entry on over 2 years, wow! been so busy. life always tries to bring you down, but never give up. never stop fighting, never stop believing. starting to get a little more active in the photos again. hopefully more to come!
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Well, I guess I have had this account active for 1 year. What better way to celebrate this annual occasion with an ad right in my face to get a premium membership! We'll cross that bridge when we find it. But for now, I'm content with my current status.

In the last year I've took some photos that I'm very happy with. But you know, I can always improve

I'd like to thank everyone for making this photo the most successful out of my entire catalog. Was a chilly evening and the coulds moved in with a chance of rain. Anyways, thanks everyone for the 1700+ views and well over 200 favourites. Means a lot to me!

Gastown Steam Clock by Sunhillow

Hope everyone has a happy near year :iconiloveitplz:
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Hello my friends! Long time no see. Been putting up some new material but I feel that I've lost touch with my original roots. I'm hoping to get some new stuff on in the near future that mean something. Also some news: I'm going to be experimenting with videos. Would be nice to have a youtube account where I have original content

that is my channel. The only 'original' video I have is of a protest but hopefully get some stuff on there in the near future

As for photos, there will be more city stuff but I'd like to start experimenting again. Might also get some portraits on :D
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in good health, life is great, lots of motivation in getting some new works in. vancouver at night at bc place stadium is just a small sample of the many works to come now that summer is over and fall is here. hockey is back, new shows starting. great!
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it's been a while since i've posted anything. it's been a pretty terrible summer-- well, a pretty terrible year in general. my ex girlfriend had succumbed to her demons and was sadly taken away from us, at only 22 years old and just a week ago another friend had their life cut short from those same demons. being a survivor of said demons myself, i look back at the people i associated myself with back in high school and i fear for their lives. they are still young. it's never too late to start over. i've pleaded to most of them to get their shit together because I care. i managed to, why can't they? i've managed to get two people to get help to clean up their lives. it's all their choice what they do now. get clean, start over, be healthy or die young. you never want to wake up to hear an old friend passed away-- even though you weren't really close tot hem. they are still human

in conclusion i'm trying to turn this year around and do what i do best-- and that's fight through adversity and soldier on. i won't lie, i've been trying to bring in some new material but my confidence in the slums right now and i'm working of getting myself out. there is always hope
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after a rough photo gig, i found out that portraits are really difficult. being a 'keep to myself' kind of person, i'm more in tune with outdoor photos because it's just me, my camera and my tunes. I don't have to communicate with anyone. i am a self-taught photographer and there is still so much to learn. i've often thought about taking formal education to get over this phobia of portrait photos and proper lighting, among other things i can't teach myself. it's easy to point and shoot but to get in something 'unique' is difficult for me. most of my stuff is cliche, see this kind of stuff all the time. nothing really special. what started as a hobby has turned in to a serious thing and the frustration has been growing for some time
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Happened just the other day

No more sitting here saying I'll go out and do something. I've got to make it happen. Nature photos coming!
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since nhl playoffs are on right now, i've neglected my passion, the hobby that keeps me sane. though i have some studio stuff in-- thats the thing. its just studio. i havent really been out in nature. canada is known for having the best back yard in NA and i havent really went out to enjoy it. with sports and work piling up, my schedule depresses me most days. but you just have to go in and leave on a positive note. the weekend or perhaps thuersday even ill finally have some free time!
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After some solitude I'm over my demons and hopefully have some motivation to go out and take some shots!
Keep smiling people!
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i'm in a dark place in life
caught in a misty haze of work and the dark catacombs of isolation
drowning in a sea of lament where photographs are what get me through the day
i'm working on getting better but its not working out
i feel lost.
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Work is killing me. On indefinite hiatus.
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A new watermark will be placed on all my photos. Me and a friend work for a small photography company in Vancouver called Gallery 7. We do passport photos and other services, including a partnership with UPS.
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Today I'm going to be trying on my new 70-300mm lens. I'm hoping to break out of this little funk I'm in
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So, I finally got around to setting up a flickr account.
You can also catch my works here…

I might get around to uploading my photos from… when I'm not lazy. I'll be using that site as my farm account. Meaning if I find I don't like my works here, they'll be signed down there. If I see a photo I like there that isn't here, it'll get called up here. I'll be uploading all my photos there from now on and I'll pick and choose which ones to call up :D

Stay classy~
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Home sweet home. You can find my old house at


I'm hoping to get some fresh new material on here :D